Rules for Posting Art and Writing:

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Rules for Posting Art and Writing: Empty Rules for Posting Art and Writing:

Post  Wormgod on Sat Feb 02, 2013 10:51 pm

There are certain rules one must know before posting writing and artwork. This is to make sure no one gets offended and/or arrested.

Can I comment on somebody's writing/art?
Sure! Just make sure they say you can. If they do not explicitly say "you can comment/critique my work" than you may not.

My work contains sex scenes. May I post it?
No. Sex scenes are just too explicit for this website. Please post them somewhere else.

My work contains nudity, but not sex. May I post it?
Go right ahead! Nudity is a form of artwork, and it is allowed, as long as you label it.

How do I label my works?

Here on Concentrated Gingerbread, any level of rated work is allowed. To keep people from being offended, we have a system of rating:

E: E stands for "everyone", or "easy". This is stuff that a five year old can see without being scared/offended/confused. Example: Every singe Disney movie.

E-10: Everyone 10 and up, is what this means. This is stuff that a 10 year old would understand and not be scared of. Example: Harry Potter.

PG-13 or 13: This is stuff a 13 year old can handle. This includes mild violence, mild cursing mentions of sex, alcohol, drugs, and tobacco, but no actual sex/alcohol/drugs/or tobacco use. Example: Superhero movies, like Superman.

18 or R: This has violence, cursing, heavy mentions of sex, alcohol/drug/tobacco use, and gang-related themes. Example: The Dark Knight/horror movies.

Can I post a picture of someone else's art?

Yes! As long as you have a disclaimer. No disclaimer and it's art theft. This goes for lineart as well.

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Rules for Posting Art and Writing: Empty Re: Rules for Posting Art and Writing:

Post  sokyo on Mon Feb 04, 2013 6:55 pm

perhaps it would be wise to include a rule about not stealing others work?


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