Hai, it's chesh here c:

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Hai, it's chesh here c: Empty Hai, it's chesh here c:

Post  cheshire. on Mon Jun 10, 2013 2:03 am

Well, hello there c:
So you have come to look at my post. Well I'm glad you did because this is an introduction post and it would be a pity if i was introduced to no one.
My name is cheshire though please, call me chesh. I am an all rounder role play. I can do one lines to 20. Though i prefer to avoid being a one liner, i am very flexible. It's the same with role playing topics. I can do anything. Animals are my favourite though i love anything. Sometimes if they are a band, i am not all that good, especially if i don't know the band(or book) but otherwise i am fine.

I own three horses called Toulouse, Macy and Basil, three dogs, Angus, Lily and Jasper, two birds, Charlie and Smokey and three cats Missy, Shady and ironically, Mouse. Don't ask me why they are all called that, my family had to have their say in what they were called. I also have many other animals though these are the ones that are closest to my heart and with me often.

I like to read, write, ride, draw and anything arty or around literacy. I am still in school and like to focus on it a lot though my role playing means a lot to me and i am often on more than i should be cx

This is all quite brief but i plan to make a big splash here and i must now leave to start joining role plays. Toodle-oo


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